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About NXG

Next Generation hand production using advanced technology to bring you safety, performance, and comfort.

The NXG brand was born in 2017 and quickly became a symbol of intellectualization. NXG is the next generation in safety gloves, representing the new state-of-the-art manufacturing and automated management.

In our next generation manufacturing facility, we utilize the concept of Product, Process, and Planet to bring our customers the next generation of gloves.
  • 37

    Intelligentized production lines
  • 1,000

    Automatic looms
  • 12,000,000

    Dozen safety glove annual capacity
  • 670

    Global Partners


NXG’s superior quality comes from extensive research and testing. They have developed innovative coatings and materials that ensure dexterity and comfort while preventing hand fatigue and providing maximum protection. The gloves are fit for purpose across a range of applications.


    We ensure maximum quality control by keeping the entire manufacturing process in-house. And with a recent substantial investment in a sizeable R&D Technology Centre, we now have production capacity to meet increasing global demand. We are also one of the few glove manufacturers in the world that hold manufacturing licenses for the two biggest innovative yarn powerhouses – Du Pont™ (Kevlar®) and DSM™ (Dyneema®).
      • Sewage Treatment and Recycling System:

        Capacity :1500t/d
        COD <300, PH : 6-9
        All treatment results meet the legal discharge standard and water recycling utilization is realized.

      • Waste Gas Treatment System:

        All exhaust gases are effectively collected and treated (Water spray, catalytic oxidation) and converted into heat energy for recycling. Real-time monitoring (24h)

      • Solar Energy System:

        1,140,000 kwh annual capacity
        40,000-180,000 kwh monthly depend on weather condition


      NXG’s next generation gloves can withstand the toughest environments and have been specially developed to meet technical safety specifications. Many products in the NXG glove range are designed to be used for multiple purposes so you can streamline your hand protection needs. NXG response to the world environmental responsibilities more and more to ISO environmental certification. All products Products are certified by international quality and environmental certification. NXG is committed to energy conservation and environment protection.