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NXG Air – General purpose gloves for everyday use.
NXG™ have developed a combination of latest innovative yarns knitted on the best quality machines, and then coated with a very breathable nitrile coating using the latest intelligent automatic dipping lines, creates a glove which “breathes” easily, expelling warm air from within the glove to the outside of the glove, while at the same time wicking moisture away from the hand providing a truly dry and comfortable experience while hard at word. The AIR range of gloves are perfect for every day general use where comfort, fit and durability are important.


    Gauge 15
    Materials Nylon/spandex,Nitrile
    Coating Type palm coated
    Size 6-12
    Package 12/120


    + Super lightweight

    Excellent fit, dexterity and performance

    360° breathability

    Durable and breathable nitrile coating