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NXG Thermal

NXG Thermal – Protection from heat or cold.
Thermal Grip has the perfect balance of a warm thermal lining, tripled dipped coating for insulation, durability and waterproofing SmartGrip™ finish provides enhanced grip in wet and cold conditions. NXG have also focused on glove ergonomics to reduce the force needed to grip so workers aren’t at risk of hand fatigue. This includes the shape and fit, as well as keeping the gloves lightweight and flexible. This ensures better safety, productivity, and performance.


    Gauge 10/13
    Materials nylon/acrylic terry fleeced; Latex
    Coating Type full coated/triple dipped
    Size 7-12
    Package 6/72


    + Ergonomically Shaped
    + Smart Grip
    + Waterproof
    + Thermal 


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