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NXG Grip

NXG Grip – Safe and secure grip in wet and slippery conditions.
The right level of grip on your glove depends on the task at hand and the NXG Grip range offers options to suit your needs with innovative coating materials they’ve developed in-house. NXG have also focused on glove ergonomics to reduce the force needed to grip so workers aren’t at risk of hand fatigue. This includes the shape and fit, as well as keeping the gloves lightweight and flexible. This ensures better safety, productivity, and performance.

Cut D Grip FC - LKX3150

    Gauge 13
    Materials HPPE/steel/polyester,Latex
    Coating Type palm coated
    Size 7-12
    Package 12/120


    + SuperGrip™ latex coating for a heavy duty and liquid/ oil resistant grip and resistance

    + Cut level D

    + Fully coated to ensure maximum liquid protection of the hand

    + Ergonomically shaped to match the natural contour of the hand

    Super tough coating for exceptional durability